Simple code execution monitoring,
built for developers

Fix Bugs On Autopilot With Automatic Pull Requets.

Have you ever thought of a way to watch your code running,
instead of just imagining it?

How it Works

Automatic Process Discovery

Identify application processes that affect resource consumption, like: HTTP requests, background tasks and more. You can easily identify the part of your application that requires immediate attention.

100% CPU?
Which part of the application is responsible for it?

Focus your attention only on optimizations that can save you Cloud infrastructure costs with just a few, well targeted code changes without spending hours or days navigating your codebase manually.

Code Execution Timeline

It's a visual representation of the execution flow so you can immediately understand which tasks can be optimized to make your application more efficient.

You'll understand which statements have the most impact within each process at a glance.

This level of visibility can completely change the speed at which you improve your application by creating ever better software and making your customers happy.

Performance Distribution

This is the fastest way to identify the differences between good and bad process performance.

You’ll save hours or even days to identify and fix the specific part of your code that is causing performance degradation.

Error Detection

Eradicate errors and their variants before your users are aware of them, thanks to a real-time diagnosis that also contains error context, and timeline.

Report unpredictable errors directly to you and your team.

Understanding the exact line of code that is causing the issue, you can fix your application before users stumble onto the problem, drastically reducing negative impacts on your customer base.

screenshot inspector errors and exceptions details
Available integrations
Email notification channels
Slack notification channel
Pagerduty notification channel
Pushover notification channel
Webhook notification channel


Deliver important notifications via a variety of delivery channels.

Connect your monitoring system to one or more notification channels with just a few clicks to route important alerts to the right person the moment anything goes wrong.

Thanks to integrations you can connect your favorite tools and create an automated and informed workplace.

Supported technologies
Inspecror supported technologies and programming languages.


Having your developers stuck to find and fix technical issues can cost you $5000 or more per month.

Thanks to inspector you will not lose customers due to unexpected bugs or bottlenecks.


Paying monthly
  • 1.2M monthly transactions
  • Unlimited Hosts & Applications
  • Up to 5 team members
  • 2 Notification Channels
  • Live chat support


Paying monthly
  • 500k monthly transactions
  • Unlimited Hosts & Applications
  • Up to 3 team members
  • 1 Notification Channel
  • Live chat support


Paying monthly
  • 30K monthly transactions
  • Unlimited Hosts & Applications
  • Up to 3 team members
  • 1 Notification Channel
  • Live chat support
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