Developer Support

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If you are the technical manager of your company, you are probably aware of the negative impact that frequent technical problems have on your customer satisfaction.

Consistently monitoring your applications is a fundamental step to identify bugs inside your applications before your customers do. 

But at the same time there is always hesitation to introduce new tools in your organization.

As developers, we too are aware that a wrong tool can affect your budget, and distract your team, worsening productivity and eventually increasing incidents against your customers.

We believe that developer tools should provide practical solutions at your fingertips without adding further complexity to your development process.

Unlike other too-complicated tools that require a lot of time to be installed and configured, and require a lot of assistance and training, Inspector gives you a real-time monitoring dashboard for your business-critical applications in less than one minute, and it’s designed to be easy to use and intuitive by default, without any additional configuration.

And if you get stuck, we are here to provide immediate support and comprehensive answers to your questions. Take a look at what other developers say about our technical support.

What you need to do before contacting us

The only thing you should do before getting in touch with us is to try Inspector by installing the library in your application based on the technology you use. 

We provide libraries for several technologies like PHP, Laravel, NodeJs, ExpressJS, Fastify, and others will be added in the future.

This will give us the opportunity to design the appropriate technical solutions or code snippets for your use case.

Contact Us

We provide several touchpoints to help you contact us if you need help. Feel free to send us any questions you have, it could be about installation, configuration, technical support to use our libraries, we are always here to help.

Live Chat

In the lower-right corner of the dashboard you can find the bubble of our live chat. It is the fastest way to submit your reports, feedback, or support requests in general.

“Live” means that you probably will get a response in minutes, Valerio loves having the opportunity to talk with other developers, help solve problems, and improve the product based on direct feedback from the developers who use it every day.

Drop in live chat now and write your questions.


The email channel is suitable for support requests that require deeper answers. Sometimes a discussion needs code examples, or refer to our Github repositories to better understand the technical capabilities of our system.

If you are interested in contacting us for collaborations or partnerships, email is our preferred channel. Feel free to write us via at [email protected]