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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can register your account for free. No credit cards or payments required.

You should install our integration library based on technology you use to develop your application. It takes less than one minute to install and use. Just one command and 2 predefined line of codes (copy and paste).

We provides integration libraries for PHP and Nodejs, and pre-packaged monitoring libraries to fully monitor Laravel and ExpressJs frameworks in less than one minute.

When your account reach the usage limits Inspector simply drop data that your application send us.

Anything happen in the library installed in your application.

You can use Inspector for free lifetime with tha ability to monitor 30K monthly trasnactions. It’s not a limited trial, so you and your team can get familiar with Inspector without deadline chasing you.

Simply Inspector ignores the events sent by your application. Nothing happens in your application. If you decide to upgrade your account, no configurations are required. It will simply be unlocked and your application will be back under monitoring again.

Yes you can. You can invite as many team members you want to join in your organization.