KloudOps: AWS support for your Engineering Team

KloudOps offers direct support for your engineering team on Amazon Web Services cloud platforms.

Developers don't always have all the skills to independently manage Cloud Operations, from designing cloud architecture and deployment pipeline to troubleshooting problems that can occur over time.

That's why KloudOps team of experts supports and trains your team, making developers increasingly autonomous.

KloudOps team consists of developers and systems engineers who are experts in DevOps, SRE, Platform Engineering, cloud architectures, Cloud Design Patterns, microservices, and serverless in the Amazon Web Services environment.

You can turn to KloudOps for:

- Design and implementation of your Cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services (Cloud Platform Design & Build service);
- Hands-on chat support and on-the-job training to your team of developers on the AWS cloud (Developer Support & Learning service);
- Analysis of your Cloud architecture on AWS and cost optimization (AWS Review & Optimization service).

Why Choose KloudOps

With KloudOps:

- you minimize the time spent spotting errors in your Cloud infrastructure by quickly finding solutions with the support of a team of experts on AWS;
- get your developers focused on developing: with fewer interruptions, less frustration and therefore better motivation;
- you build competence: training and ongoing support with KloudOps experts give your team new operational tools to manage Operations with AWS with more autonomy.

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