what problem it solves

Stop losing customers and money due to technical errors in your applications

All starts with customer complaints

Despite all the effort and money spent, the most common way for developers to know if their application is in trouble continues to be the phone call from the customer, complaining that "nothing is working".

New problems continue to surface every day forcing you to work on old code and making it impossible to evolve your work.

The project budget burns very quickly and the management, or worse the customers directly, always seem to be unhappy and frustrated.

Your team falls into chaos

Errors reported directly by customers are placed at the top of the to-do list.

The team needs to stop current activities to investigate what’s happening in the system and avoid more wider impacts.

In the meantime time passes and everyone puts pressure on you.

Wasting a lot of time

Your application is here to have an impact on the productivity of your users. But it could take hours or even days to:

  • Understand why it’s happening
  • Discover where it’s happening
  • Design a possible solution
  • Implement and release the code fix 

In the meantime, customers are calling, users are leaving your application, and you can’t leave your desk until the problem is solved.

Avoid financials and competitive risks

Users don't spend their time reporting bugs, they just stop using your application looking for a competitor that can solve their problem better. How much does it cost to you?

Be one step ahead of your customers