Inspector joins Nana Bianca, the Italian startup accelerator

Valerio Barbera

Hi, I’m Valerio, software engineer and CTO at Inspector.

I’m so proud to announce today that Inspector is now backed from Nana Bianca, a startup accelerator in Florence, Italy.

The market reaction to Inspector has been positive from day one, so find the best way to grow our product and the technical support for our customers was a natural next step for us.

We have identified a clear pain for software developers around the world:

Be the first to know if your application is in trouble before your users stumble onto the problem, automatically, without wasting time on manual checks.

As developers ourself we know that software development is a time consuming job, so just like us you are probably always looking for clever tools to intelligent automate some parts of your work to spend your time on more valuable activities, like design and release new features and grow your business instead of time consuming, repetitive manual checks.

With this new partnership we aim to develop the most easy and effective monitoring tool on the market to help developers around the world to avoid losing customers due to technical problems in their applications.

Why Nana Bianca?

Nana Bianca was founded in 2013 from Paolo Barberis, Jacopo Marello and Alessandro Sordi, three of Dada founders who spent the last 20 years collaborating to finance and support dozens of Italian and foreign companies in growth.

Nana Bianca is focused on SaaS business acceleration, so it should be the best environment in Italy where to grow our company and also Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world 😄.

What does this mean to you?

The company has now more resources to make a better product and to create the best customers support that developers can find out there!

In a nutshell, support your team to achieve better results in less time and with less effort.

Furthermore your direct feeback steel the most important resource for us, to better understand your needs and solve your real pains.

I just want to say thank you to all our customers from Singapore to New York, from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, who believed in Inspector since the beginning that helped us to do better and better with their feebacks and advices.

New to Inspector?

Are you looking for a “code-driven” monitoring tool instead of having to install things at the server level?

Get a monitoring environment specifically designed for software developers avoiding any server or infrastructure configuration.

Thanks to Inspector, you will never have the need to install things at the server level or make complex configuration in your cloud infrastructure to monitor your application in real-time.

Inspector works with a lightweight software library that you can install in your application like any other dependencies based on the technology you are using to develop your application. Developers are not always comfortable installing and configuring software at the server level, because these installations are often managed by external teams, and they are out of the software development lifecycle.

Visit our website for more details:

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