Try the new Google Chat notification channel

Valerio Barbera

Hi, I’m happy to announce that Google Chat is now available as a notification channel for your application.

Now you can receive all important notifications of what happens in your application in your Google Chat environment in real time.

Inspector Notification Channels allow you to create an automated and  informed workplace, helping your collaborators to communicate and collaborate at work in a way that is simple, flexible and effective.

If you want to try this new notification channel take a look at the documentation for detailed instructions:

Introduction to Notification Channels

As notifications become increasingly central to the way our users stay informed about how their applications are behaving, we’ve introduced Notification Channels.

In a nutshell, Notification Channels are a unified way to organize and manage automatic messages sent through Inspector to you and your team members.

Notifications can be delivered not only via email as expected by default, but also via a variety of channels like Slack, Webhooks, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and more.

Thanks to our integrations you can connect your monitoring system with your favorite tools and create an automated and informed workplace.

You can also activate multiple channels for the same application for different purposes. For instance, one channel for new errors, another for every error occurrence, and a third for server side automation using webhooks.

You can find all supported channels in the Notification Channels tab in the Inspector monitoring dashboard. More will be added in the future based on customers’ needs.

New to Inspector? Try it for free now

Are you responsible for application development in your company? Monitor your software products with Inspector for free. You can find out bugs and bottlenecks in your code automatically, before your customers stumble onto the problem.

Inspector is usable by developers of all skills level. If you want effective automation, deep insights, and the ability to forward alerts and notifications into your messaging environment try Inspector for free. Register your account.

Or learn more on the website:

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